The pandemic offers opportunities – learn to use them with the help of our seminar series on social media & content marketing and digitalize your business! 
Digitization NOW!
It is particularly important to implement the digitalization in your own company even more intensively during these challenging times. We offer you our support and turn you into social media professionals.
Back in 2020, FUNKY_CARE initiated the first social media seminar via Zoom for retailers in collaboration with FUNKY STAFF.
In 2021, the concept was revised once again and previous successes were topped: over 6 weeks, participants were introduced to the world of social media and online marketing.
Interact & exchange with celebrities
Participants got to know celebrities in person and could ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. They learned which special “tricks” celebrities use on social media to gain even more followers and customers.
In addition to exciting topics, celebrity guests such as Nina Moghaddam, Inka Bause, content creator Katrin Soukup and Frauke Ludowig were part of the event.
Mit Prominenten austauschen
Sie lernen Prominente persönlich kennen und können die Fragen stellen, die Sie schon immer stellen wollten. Sie erfahren welche besonderen „Kniffe“ Prominente auf Social Media anwenden, um noch mehr Follower und Kunden zu gewinnen.
Neben spannenden Themen erwartete die Teilnehmer:innen wieder prominente Gäste, wie Nina Moghaddam, Inka Bause, Content Creatorin Katrin Soukup und Frauke Ludowig.
Learning from colleagues
Participants got to know colleagues at each seminar day who were already successful in social media. They received first-hand tips and tricks and could ask questions directly.
In addition, retailers were invited to the Zoom Talks who, thanks to the first series of seminars, became true social media professionals and could now pass on their knowledge to colleagues.
With the help of this concentrated social media knowledge, the seminar participants were guided to more business success and learned to gain even more followers, fans and customers!


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