FUNKY_GIN… for funky people

Exclusive drops, from hand-picked ingredients made with love & passion!

Exclusive drops #forfunkypeopleonly!
For a few years now FUNKY_LADIES have been happy about extraordinary fashion from FUNKY STAFF. The designers behind the brand are already a little crazy and always start new, surprising projects. The coincidence led the #funkypeople of FUNKY STAFF to rare organic distilleries – if you like, to the alchemists & botanists among the distillers. This is how two extraordinary recipes for extraordinary moments were created – our FUNKY_GIN in the varieties FULL_MOON and PINK_DEVIL.


Hand-picked ingredients for true taste explosions.
Every drop of FUNKY_GIN mesmerizes our senses. In Europe’s smallest private distilleries, true works of art are created. Exclusively purely organic products are lovingly harvested and distilled with great care and passion into unique experiences of pleasure. In secret natural areas, the ingredients for the unique creations are handpicked: Roots and mosses, birch bark, sloes, rose hips, peat, nuts and wild blackberries – and at the time of the full moon, fresh fir tips, juniper, barberry and herbs.
Together with uniquely soft water, these ingredients form the basis for these special drops. The rest of the recipes remain our #funky secret.
With Love & Passion by FUNKY STAFF
These limited edition works of art are designed for very special people who know how to think of themselves and escape the everyday for special moments. Let yourself be carried away on the paradisiacal cloud of indulgence and remember – this bottle is #forfunkypeopleonly!